Friday, September 29, 2006


My beloved scientific calculator gave up yesterday after 9 years of use. Well, I guess I knew that the end was close as half of the screen has been dead for the last six months, with 0's and 8's looking alike.

I went into Staples yesterday, to buy a new calculator. As I was looking at the scientific calculators with all of the logarithmic, exponential and trigonometric functions, it suddenly struck me - I did not need these functions anymore - Not now, nor likely in the future. Its been 3 years since I calculated the sine of anything ! All I did was addition, subtraction and multiplication (not even division !)

It made me feel a bit sad as all of the trig and algebra that I had loved is never ever likely to be used again ...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Highway Jallikattu

Okay, I apologize for the delay in getting back to blogging ..., but the previous post should explain some of it !

Marriage has been great so far, I highly recommend it - I know there are a few cynics lurking in the background of my readership that is smirking and thinking to themselves "famous last words" ;-)

Pondicherry was fabulous. If any of you stop by there, do check out the "Promenade Hotel", which is run by the Hidesign group.

On the way back, while driving on the famous (over-hyped according to the wife) ECR (East Coast Road), I became aware of a phenomenon that I have christened "Highway Jallikattu".

Jallikattu is, of course, the Tamil version of the bull fight where a bull (high on grass and arrack - Seriously !) is let loose amongst a crowd of thousands, with the men trying to prove their bravery by getting as close as they can, without dying. Unfortunately, the combination of bulls (high on grass and arrack) and idiots (high on grass and arrack) usually ends with atleast 30 casualties. The act of getting as close to a raging bull as possible, teasing it even is supposedly the macho thing to do, and is probably the villager's way of impressing their lady love.

In today's urban world, I think the speeding car (driven by people high on grass and arrack - Not me !) is the replacement for the bull and folks on bicycles take the place of the "bull-fighters". Repeatedly, I saw cyclists swerve and cross the road right in front of me, with a smile on their face. Were they trying to impress a damsel in pigtails, hiding behind a banyan tree ?

Hmmm, the ways of the male of every species is strange ....

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Am hitched ...

Dear readers, I am finally hitched ! The wedding was great, and I will be back to blogging on Monday, after a short detour to Pondicherry :-)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Skype Button

(This post was inspired by my fiance, who will become my wife on the 10th of September !)

Skype is an instant messenger service that we use extensively at work. Its free, it allows you to make good quality calls between users and you can even call landline/cell phone numbers (for a fee).

In this age, where the world is flatter than ever, and people seem to be zipping around the globe, communication is made difficult by the differences in time zones - This despite the variety of modes of telecommunication - cell phones, landlines, email and internet messenger.

Take the case of a concerned wife whose husband is abroad on a sales visit. She has to go through all sorts of complicated calculations to look through his itinerary to see when she can call him, and what number to call him at. Would it not be simple if she had a dashboard somewhere in the home, connected to the internet, which would show her his skype status - Online, busy, offline etc ... And maybe this could show her his location too, based on the IP he is logged in from.

And the best piece would possibly be if this board was connected to a speaker phone, and she could just press a button to call him through Skype !

In my case, I would need the exact opposite, where I could use Skype as my dashboard, to track down my wife based on the location of her cell phone, so I dont disturb her Lakme pampering sessions :-)