Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Outsourcing ....

A Professor of mine, at Grad School used to lament the fact that so many American jobs were being offshored to China and India. He believed that in a few years, the only major businesses left in the US would be Fast Food Restaurants and Clothing Stores.

I am by no means an expert on outsourcing/offshoring, but I started pondering about the direction in which outsourcing could head in the US after watching a recent episode of the "Daily Show with Jon Stewart".

The episode talked about the US Army and recruiting problems they have had recently. One of the guys from the show was talking to a marketing expert and asking him for strategies that would improve recruitment in the army.

The marketing guy was unwittingly hilarious - He said that the major reason the army was having a problem with recruiting people was the long duration of the stay overseas. He suggested that soldiers be given incentives - Kill 10 people a month and get back to the US in 3 months, kill 6 people a month and come back in 6 months and so on .... I was shocked initially and then it struck me ... Soon, America is going to outsource armed conflict.

Of course, this has been done several times before by great warriors like Hannibal and Alexander who hired mercenaries who fought for money and not for their country.

And in a way, the US has done the same kind of thing, by supporting the Taliban during their proxy war with Russia in Afghanisthan, supporting the Northern Alliance against the Taliban, supporting Israel and supporting Saddam in his (and the US') fight against Iran.

However, a large scale outsourcing of war - Would that be possible ? The Americans didnt want to pave roads, didnt want to mow lawns, so they got the Mexicans to do it. What about war ? Would soldiers fight and die for money in the absence of a nationalistic goal ?

I wonder ...


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