Wednesday, May 11, 2005

An Open Letter to Reddy K

This post is really in response to some of the comments made by “Reddy K” to some of my previous posts ….

Sir/Madam, I appreciate the thought that went into each of your comments, but I must disagree with almost everything you say. I believe that there is a fundamental difference in the way we approach things – You seem to look at the status quo and identify reasons for why things should remain the same, while I look at how much room for improvement there is on Earth. Maybe my younger age makes me less cynical about things – But I believe that there is an opportunity to change, if only we can take it.

I have a very comfortable life and I assume that you do as well – However, while you use your comfortable life as a reason for the perpetuation of the current system at the cost of others, I believe that my being blessed with comforts gives me an obligation to improve the lot of others who have not been similarly blessed.

Here are my responses to some of your comments ...

Let me put the way a poster said: Every country has an Army, Your's or someone else's.

What is your point ?

Why do you lock your house, your car and have a passport ?

How is this connected to anything at all ?

As world looks like it is to get a best deal - for YOU, your family, your friends, your country, your humankind etc.. would you give up your life style for someone else ? would you ?

I guess you don't need to answer that. I will just quote what my son said when he was 4 years: if I give all my money to the poor then I'd be poor!

Of course everyone wants to do well for themselves and their family. And I am definitely not a communist/socialist. I do not believe that there is any need at all for equal sharing of resources across every person, for then, as your son points out, we will all be equally poor. However, your lifestyle should not be maintained at the expense of another’s, and even if you do, you shouldn’t try to justify it, and if you feel the need to justify it, atleast you shouldn’t be proud of it. Once we decouple personal satisfaction/happiness from money, then the need to blindly accumulate more wealth disappears and automatically the need for exploitation in the world decreases.

So beat the romantic stuff which is for books and naive people and may be women. It just won't make us go further. It just relives us from unanswerable questions or fears that answers are not what we expect.

The above just doesn’t make any sense. In fact, I would recommend that we leave all administration in the world to women – They would do a damn fine job.
Look at the Poles in 80s. As long as they were hungry and fight for daily food, democracy was far away. Once their bellies got enough they wanted their freedom. It is survival after all that goes first.

Again, what’s your point here ?

But what US does has a bearing on the world. One can say whatever they want but Bush administration did what is morally right and so did Clinton in Bosnia & Kosovo. India did not. And UN is an impeccably corrupt organisation which India allies with. Kofi Annan is pointed out to be responsible for not stopping Rwanda Tutsi genocide. So he really has nothing to say about Iraq. Probably he would rather have his son getting paid by Saddam still. As long as US World Police is democratic ... it is more preferred than UN. Ask those guys in Srebrenica.

Please define “morally right” ?

Very few humans are philanthropic. If they are then there is some thing wrong with them too.

You must be joking ! Please tell me what’s wrong with Mother Teresa, Gandhiji, Bill Gates, James Michener, Baba Amte and countless others …. (To me philanthropy isnt just about money)

The world goes on a simple principle: you scratch my back and I will scratch yours. It goes from the family to country. It is not always win-win situation. It may be WIN-win or Win-wIn or whatever.

Status-quo again

I would sacrifce someone else's daughter - I have no problem with that ;-).

That doesn’t really merit a response

A war is sometimes necessary just like a police force in a country.

I don’t see the connection

People who don't believe that are nothing but easy-chair romatics (of peace)..

Well, its better to be an easy-chair romantic than an easy-chair soldier !


Reddy K said...

Well well!! If I had some spare time I would comment on your comments on my comments. Someday I might do that. Be patient. I might even dare to say what is wrong with Mother Teresa, Ghandhiji and Bill Gates.

Prosperity comes thru power and with power one gets responsibilities. But the question is prosperity to who ? responsibility to whom ?

As you may gather, I have aversion toward a romantic notion of peace. Peace is something that happens between wars. While we watch US just gets mightier everyday.

While the a large percentage of world population goes on <$2/day we roam around with our SUVs. I heard all my life Congress Party shouting "Garibi Hatao" - may be they should have hired Houdini for that disappearence act. As always talk is cheap...just like "wheel-chairing"

Anyway, it is good as it is - if two think the same way one is unnecessary...

so let us think alike..for a while

/Reddy K

Wed May 11, 05:52:00 PM EDT  
Ideamani said...

When you point out the "imperfections" of Mother Teresa et al, please remember this ...

Minor imperfections in great people are not an excuse for gross imperfections in others ...

Wed May 11, 07:36:00 PM EDT  

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